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Jon Aborn's Wherry #2
At the Head of the Weir, 2013
Jon Aborn has designed and built his third rowing boat, so #2 is for sale. It was built by Jon in 1997, sides of 4mm Okoume Marine ply, bottom of 6MM Okoume. It is sheathed on the outside with 6 oz, fiberglass and epoxy, and weighs about 100 lbs.

LOA- 17'

Beam, 44" to outside of rails, 48" at oarlocks

Jon uses 8 1/2' oars, but 8' work fine also.

Price - $1,200.00


At the Head of the Weir, 2013

Jon as he neared the beach.

Norrpa is for sale-SOLD
At the MBHH show, 2013
The Finnish racing boat, model 650D, "Norrpa", is for sale. It has been rowed in the 2013 Blackburn Challenge, the Head of the Weir , and the Wellfleet Rowing Rendezvous.

LOA- 6.5 meters, 21'4" Beam - 1.27 meters, 4'2" Weight about 46 Kg, 104 lbs Draft about 10cm, 4"

Built of Okoume ply and pine, this boat is light and FAST ! She can be rowed single or double, 2 poseidon sliding seats and 2 pairs of oars are included.

Original list price, $8.900.00- Current price, $7,950.00 with a new Trailex trailer, $6838.00 no trailer.


At the MBHH show, 2013

A Pete Culler Wherry Yawl - STILL AVAILABLE 2/14
Here's a beautiful rendition of Pete Culler's little Wherry Yawl, built By Lowell Brundage in Provincetown, MA. Lowell has studied at the WoodenBoat School with Geoff Burke, and others, for about 20 years. He mostly builds traditional lapstrake, and has done a great job here. The boat has many Culler touches, including the paint details, natural crook knees, beading, etc. Lowell has built the boat, spars, sail, sailing gear, and rigging. The only thing he didn't build were the oars, which will be Shaw & Tenney.Spec's are :

LOA- 10 1/2 feet

Beam - 4 1/2 feet

Sail area - 47 sq ft


Available now, 10/11/12


Transom scrolls waiting for a name...

A view of the bow, set up for sailing.

A wave's view

All the rigging was done by the builder, all traditional style...

All copper riveted...

Old Wharf Dory, AVAILABLE NOW, 10/2014 - MAJOR 20% PRICE REDUCTION!!
On the shore of Gull Pond, after sea trials.
The Old Wharf Dory is a modern version of the Grand Banks fishing dory, well suited for rowing along shore. I developed the lines by combining and refining the lines from the 16’ Lowell Coast Guard dory and Phil Bolger’s Gloucester Gull. The length over all is 15’6”, the same as the gull and the Lowell dory. Beam, both overall and on the bottom, is 6” wider than the Gull, giving the boat much more initial stability than the Gull. Depth amidship is right between the two, giving the boat a more lively sheer than the Lowell dory. Transom width is also between the two.

LOA - 15’6”, Beam - 4,6”, weight approximately 150 Lbs.

Materials used include : LLoyds approved 9 mm Okoume marine plywoos for the bottom and topsides , Sapele marine ply for the transom, Locust transom framing, midship framing, stem, breasthook, oarlock blocks. Exterior and insude bottom sheathed with Dynel cloth and MAS epoxy, and painted with Epiphanes Marine enamel. Interior oiled, botton non-skid. Price includes a pair of Shaw & Tenney 8’ spruce oars with leathers. All bronze hardware.

Here is a link to a video of the sea trials on You Tube.

Price, $6,000.00 ---- REDUCED TO $4,800.00.



On the shore of Gull Pond, after sea trials.

The model

Sides fastened to stem and transom, bent around the midship frame.

Exterior has been sheathed, rails are being fit.


Ready to row.

Old Wharf Dory Company
170 Old Chequessett Neck Road
Wellfleet, MA 02667

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