Bolger Down Under
Here's a link to Australian designer/builder Ross Lillistone's blog, this one's about him building 2 of Phil's 16' lobsterboat design called Hope - a href="">Hope

Lines of the 18' Lapstrake Lobster Skiff
Here are the lines of the 18' Lobster Skiff. Mike has also included the lines for the original Seguin, designed in 1956.

Lines of Spur II
Here are the lines of Spur II.

Lines of the Gloucester Gull
Here is the study plan of the Gloucester Gull, aka the Light Dory. The scans are from the old Texas Dory Boat Plans study sheet, which I sort of had a connection to many years ago, and still have a bunch of study plans. All plans and quotes are used with the permission of PB&F.

Black Skimmer lines
Here are a couple of the drawings for the Black Skimmer. I built one in about 1978. The owner was very happy with the boat, he sailed it for a number of years in Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod. I believe it ended up in Florida, where a guy had several for charter in Florida bay. Great shallow draft cruiser, lots of room in the cabin , and a double bed sized bunk !

For more info read Phil's excellent article on the Black Skimmer in 'The Folding Schooner and Other Adventures in Boat Design", starting on page 60.


Black Skimmer link
Here's a link to theBlack Skimmer page on Dynamite Payson's site.

More on the Power Cat
Building the Wheelhouse
Some photos of the building and launching of the Power Cat, circa 1984 or so.

Building the Wheelhouse


Heading out

Off the Pier

hard at work

Birdwatcher lines
Here are 2 lines drawings for Birdwatcher, design #496 and #496B, updated 2004.

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