Spring 2005


I would like to thank you for the technical expertise and workmanship that you put into the Deadrise-19 center console you built for me this past winter.  From your selection of the various building materials to your use of low maintenance finishing products, this is a very beautiful boat. Now that the weather on Buzzards Bay has begun to cooperate, I've had several long and pleasurable trips with family and friends and it's great to hear everyone say pretty much the same thing, it is quite a wonderful craft.

I appreciate the time you took on several occasions to go over what I was looking for in a boat and sharing with me your experiences and thoughts for what might work. As you expected, your suggestion to go with the Tracy O'Brien D - 19 design was a perfect fit. I especially like the self-bailing feature and the fact that its 8" draft allows me to come right up to the shore. It rides high and dry even through the rough chop that always appears in the bay late in the afternoon. It seems that every trip is a new experience just waiting to happen.

It has certainly been a pleasure doing business with you. I hope you get a chance to build another one like mine.