Billingsgate Bass Boat

Billingsgate Bass Boat

The Billingsgate Bass Boat design came to me one day in October, 2000. I was fishing off Billingsgate Shoals in my 18' Simmons Sea Skiff, with a nice SW wind against the tide producing a good 2'-3'chop. The skiff was doing OK, but was feeling a little small. I liked the way the Simmons handles, especially in a following sea, so I thought, "How can I modify this boat to create a more comfortable fishing boat for Cape Cod waters?" Rolling in the trough, a couple of waves came right up to the rail, so adding another strake in height was the first idea. Then some more beam came to mind. This would result in more surface area aft, which in turn would provide more planing surface, and be able to handle the weight of the modern 4-stroke motors, specifically the Honda 40 or 50.

The Billingsgate Bass Boat was born.

Some of the advantages of the BBB are:

    Billingsgate Bass Boat
  • Shallow draft - good for inshore fishing, the boat can be poled if desired
  • Shallow V-bottom: smooths ride in a chop, handles well at all speeds
  • High sides- keep you in and water out
  • High bow and raking transom-enhance rough water capabilities, and result in a classic look
  • Composite plywood/epoxy/fabric construction - produces an extremely strong, light boat,easy to trailer or push off the beach.
  • Economical to run with smaller motors such as the 40 or50HP Honda.
  • Wood-based construction is quiet, naturally
  • Epoxy coating requires less maintenance

The Billingsgate Bass Boat has been designed and constructed for fly-fishing, casting, and trolling the waters surrounding Cape Cod, and New England. Special features include:

    Billingsgate Bass Boat
  • Casting platforms/ storage in stern, on each side of motor well
  • Center console with seat/casting platform
  • Self-bailing deck
  • Forward casting area with storage under.
  • Built-in gas tank
  • Wide side decks with built-in flotation
  • Rod storage under side decks
  • Pop-up deck hardware
  • Modern composite construction using highest quality materials for a strong, light-weight hull structure
  • High bow, flared lap-strake sides and raked transom enhance rough-water capabilities, lap-strakes make for dry ride
  • Based on the famous Simmons Sea Skiffs, this higher and wider version retains the seaworthiness of the original design while providing more room and comfort.

I have built one Billingsgate Bass Boat.The owner chose to power this boat with a 50 HP Evinrude E-tec motor. It will reach speeds of over 30 knots with this motor. Finished hull with cuddy and windshield, no motor or gear - 1,040 lbs; total towing weight including motor, fuel, gear, and trailer - 1,710 lbs. Here is a link to some construction photos. I am now looking for another adventurous individual in need of a beautiful boat.

Dimensions BBB SSS
LOA 17' 9" 17' 1"
Beam 7' 2-1/2" 5' 8"
Bottom width 4' 6" 3' 8"
Stem height 3' 11" 3' 5"
Transom width 5' 3" 4' 4"
Minimum hull depth 2' 5" 2' 0"

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