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September 2008
Dear Mr. Baron:

I have had a wonderful summer with the dory I bought from you. I had it out on nearby Conseus Lake as soon as we had ice out and I have used it almost every week since.

I went to Maine in July. My sisters and I own some land there. That is where the picture was taken. The girlies in the boat with me are my nieces. My dog rides well in it too.

Thank you for making the boat and for selling it to me. I really enjoy it.

Mark Baker

December 2007

Here is a link to some photos of the 16' LYS that I built from your plans (set #131).

This is the first boat I have built and I enjoyed it very much. I have worked with wood very little so I had an opportunity to learn many new skills. I have not had it in the water yet but spring will come eventually.

Methodius Dusyk
Saskatchewan, Canada

Fall 2007

I hope this message finds you happy and well. It has been a long time since I have been in touch, sorry for that. The M-16 has been the best part of my life over the last few months, I really love it....The 30 HP is plenty to push it along with as many as five people (some being small). It has good balance, turns well, and handles the chop in a good way. I am very pleased...

If I knew how to make digital pictures I would send you some. I have asked my wife and daughter to set me up with some of the ones that have been taken, but they never seem to get around to it. Thank you for a fine vessel. I really love it, and it is perfect for the area and what I like to do. We caught some stripers in it. Peace, Peter

Spring 2005

I would like to thank you for the technical expertise and workmanship that you put into the Deadrise-19 center console you built for me this past winter. From your selection of the various building materials to your use of low maintenance finishing products, this is a very beautiful boat. Now that the weather on Buzzards Bay has begun to cooperate, I've had several long and pleasurable trips with family and friends and it's great to hear everyone say pretty much the same thing, it is quite a wonderful craft.

I appreciate the time you took on several occasions to go over what I was looking for in a boat and sharing with me your experiences and thoughts for what might work. As you expected, your suggestion to go with the Tracy O'Brien D - 19 design was a perfect fit. I especially like the self-bailing feature and the fact that its 8" draft allows me to come right up to the shore. It rides high and dry even through the rough chop that always appears in the bay late in the afternoon. It seems that every trip is a new experience just waiting to happen.

It has certainly been a pleasure doing business with you. I hope you get a chance to build another one like mine.

From David Moncton, the owner of the 20' SSS I built in the Spring of 2004

Walter: We had a busy summer but did manage to get JEAN LOUISE finished and in the water. She moves along at 30mph at full throttle, and the standard prop even seems a little small since the engine revs past the design maximum. We wouldn't want any bigger engine. With the windshield and the top, she has a very cozy feel. She has attracted a lot of local attention and looks like she belongs there. Thanks for everything--it was a pleasure working with you and we would love to see you and your wife in Cape Breton. Have a good winter. -- David

From Bill Cugno: August 14, 2003
Walt, Just a note to give you an updated report on the boat that I purchased from you. It has been simply OUTSTANDING. It handles like it's a 25 footer. I have enjoyed every time I have taken it out. (Unfortuneately because of the schedule - not nearly enough). The boat is great. Everyone that sees it loves it. I have taken it fishing a number of times and it has yet to let me down. You did an incredible job and your workmanship is outstanding. I look forward to doing business with you again. I'll send an email note with an attached photo when I get some time. Thanks again for all your help. Best of luck and good fishing and boat building. Sincerely Bill Cugno

18' Simmons Sea Skiff  from Composite Bottom Plans: May 5, '02
Thought you might be interested in a photo of the finished product. I named the boat Full Circle since I had one as a teenager.I took it out to the Great North Breakers in Port Royal Sound on May 8th (my 55th birthday) it was rough and wet. The boat behaved like the lady she is and she caught several Spanish Mackerel. - Manning Smith

A Boat for a Perfect Storm: July 6, '98, Wellfleet, MA
For Walter- Thanks so much for the beautiful boat you built. Rowing out to my Sailboat now promises to be as gratifying as actually sailing.
Good luck- Sebastian Junger

Beautiful Rowboat:
Dear Walter- Its been a little over a year since I picked up the beautiful rowboat you built for us. I brought it home and painted and varnished it. It is exactly what I wanted and am very pleased with its performance.
With best wishes, Sincerely- Roy Jones

Lumber Yard Skiff:
Dear Walter- I can not begin to express how extremely please I am with the 20 FT LYS that you have just finished for my wife and I. It is a beautiful boat that I am sure we will get a lot of enjoyment out of for many years to come.- Charlie Caron

Lumber Yard Skiff:
Dear Mr. Baron - In November,2000 I received my plans(set #8) from you.I was delighted with the simplicity of your plans.this was my 5th boat building project,but is the biggest boat i have built to date. I used epoxy through the project both as the bonding agent,and as an ecapsulant.I changed the plans only on the side decks,as I would like to add a small pilothouse at a later date(maybe). I recently finished the boat,and would like to share with you my version of your lumber yard skiff. Everyone who has seen the boat can not believe how ruggedly this is built.As well as how nice the lines are.I live in central New York,around the finger lakes region,and to see a boat around here with these lines is to say the least,a little unusual. It has been a great retirement project.Now I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can put the motor on,and head to the lakes!!!!! It was a well thought out design,and an easy boat to build.I would recommend it to anyone who wants a "do-it-yourself" boat project.Thank you. - Bob Goeckel

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