The Old Wharf Dory

Old Wharf Dory

The Old Wharf Dory is a modern version of the Grand Banks fishing dory, well suited for rowing along shore. I developed the lines by combining and refining the lines from the 16' Lowell Coast Guard dory and Phil Bolger's Gloucester Gull. The length over all is 15'6", the same as the gull and the Lowell dory. Beam, both overall and on the bottom, is 6" wider than the Gull, giving the boat much more initial stability than the Gull. Depth midship is right between the two, giving the boat a more lively sheer than the Lowell dory. Transom width is also between the two, again contributing to the sheer line.

Old Wharf Dory The Old Wharf Dory is built using modern marine plywood composite construction methods. This technique uses high quality marine plywood, epoxy resin, and fiberglass cloth and tapes to produce a boat that is light, strong, and easy to maintain. Construction materials can be varied to produce a light boat suitable for racing, or a slightly heavier, more durable beach cruiser. A light boat , built using 1/4" Okoume ply and all composite joints, would probably weigh less than 125 lbs. The regular construction materials of 1/2" Sapelli bottom and 1/4" Sapelli sides, composite chines , framed transom and wood stem, would weigh around 150 lbs. The outside of the boat, and the bottom inside is sheathed in fiberglass cloth and epoxy, giving it a tough, durable base for the normal finish of high-quality marine enamel outside and latex non-skid interior bottom. The sides inside, seats and rails are oiled. All fastenings and hardware are bronze.


LOA - 15' 6"    Heights - Bow - 2', Midship - 1'4-1/4", Stern - 1' 8"
Beam - 4' 6"     Beam, inside bottom - 2'5-1/2"
Weight - 150 lbs,  Normal Construction

Old Wharf Dory

Materials, Normal Construction:
Bottom - 1/2" Sapelli marine plywood,meets BS 1088 and BS 6566 spec's.
Sides - 1/4" Sapelli, as above
Transom - 1/2" Sapelli, as above, framed with locust, mahogany, or other marine-quality hardwood
Stem - Locust, mahogany, as above
Thwarts - midship - locust, mahogany, white cedar, etc. fore and aft - 1/2" Sapelli
Rails - White oak, or other marine-quality hardwood (no mahogany, too brittle for this use)

Old Wharf Dory Hardware Supplied:
2 pairs bronze oarlock sockets, 1 pair bronze oarlocks, 1 bronze cleat at bow

Outside of hull - Pettit Easypoxy marine enamel, choice of colors inside
Bottom - latex non-skid, rest of Inside oiled with Deks
Olje #1 marine oil, rails oiled also
1 pair custom spruce oars, varnished and leathered, choice of length 7'- 7-1/2"- 8'
Adjustable foot stretcher at midship position.

Old Wharf Dory

All boats are built to order - each one is unique. Options available include a trailer, boat cover, compass, anchor, bilge pump, etc. An option for a lower price boat would be to use 3/8" Phillipine Mahogany marine ply for the bottom and 1/4" PM for the sides, all composite joints including stem and transom. Please contact me to discuss the construction of your Old Wharf Dory.

Old Wharf Dory Company
170 Old Chequessett Neck Road
Wellfleet, MA 02667

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