The Maine Boatbuilders' Show
from Messing About In Boats, May 2001

18' Simmons Sea Skiff

Down on Cape Cod, Walter Baron still runs his Old Wharf Dory Co. in Wellfleet. Ever so long ago, maybe around 1984, I visited Walter and found to my dismay in my innocence that he wasn't located on an 'old wharf' at all, but in a former local automobile garage building (he has long since moved into a nice purpose built boatshop).

Walter displayed a center console 18' Simmons Sea Skiff. His version of this highly regarded outboard powered boat has a composite plywood bottom structure designed by Tracy O'Brien, and glued lapstrake topsides. Strip planked decks provide stiffness, and Walter has painted it with old time Kirby Marine Paint.

Walter suggests 25 hp outboard power, with which 30 mph has been achieved, but as little as 15 hp moves the boat along nicely.

The base price for this model is $12,000, the boat exhibited, fully equipped including a new trailer, was offered at $19,000. Walter also offers 20' and 22' versions, each built to order and thus unique.

Old Wharf Dory Co., 170 Old Chequessett Neck Rd., Wellfleet, MA 02667, (508) 349-2383,

Old Wharf Dory Company
170 Old Chequessett Neck Road
Wellfleet, MA 02667

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