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LYS Mooring

The design for my work and fishing skiffs is based on the Brockway boats. Rugged, stable, and inexpensive, these flat-bottom boats are intended for use in along shore fisheries such as shellfishing, aquaculture, etc. I call these boats Lumber Yard Skiffs [LYS], because most of the materials are available from the local lumber yard.

There are three sizes, 12', 16' and 20'. You may purchase them a bare wood hulls, semi-finished or ready to launch with any custom features you would like.

Step 1 Step 2
The start of a 20' Lumber Yard Skiff
Step 3 12' Work Skiff
A completed 12' Lobsterman's Skiff

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12' LYS Work Skiff

16' LYS Work Skiff

20' LYS Work Skiff

Length: 12" 15'6" 19'9"
Beam: 4" 6'6" 7'6"
Depth: 1'2" 1'10" 2'5"
Draft: 4" 6" 6"
Construction Materials:
Sides: 1/4" Meranti Marine Ply on 12'; 5/8" on 16' and 3/4" underlayment plywood on 20'
Bottom: 3/8" Meranti Marine Ply on 12'; 3/4" underlayment plywood on 16' and 20'
Transom: 3/8"Meranti Marine Ply on 12'; Double 3/4" U/L plywood on 16' and 20'
Rails: 1"x2" Port Orford cedar; 2"x4" spruce on 16' and 20'
Stem and transom framing: Stem - 2"x2" oak, mahogany, locust, Transom framing - Port Orford cedar on 12'; 4"x4" fir, side frames 2"x8" spruce on 16' and 20'
Knees and breast hook: 3/4" U/L ply on 16' and 20'


All bronze on 12'; Stainless steel screws on 16' and 20' -- all joints bedded in Sikaflex 291
* I can build custom interior structures such as side decks, consoles, etc. Prices for custom options are based on $44.00/hr. labor rate plus materials.

Call me in the shop at 508-349-2383 or e-mail for further discussion or to order a boat.

Old Wharf Dory Company
170 Old Chequessett Neck Road
Wellfleet, MA 02667

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