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18' Sea Kayak
Designed and built by Walter Baron , this boat was inspired by the Greenland -style kayaks documented in the book "The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America", by Adney and Chapelle. It's a big, beamy boat fast and comfortable on the water. The cockpit has water-tight bulkheads fore and aft for safety, with access to the bow and stern compartments provided by water-tight hatches. The hull is built using the "stitch & glue" method, with 3/16" Okoume Marine Plywood , epoxy, and fiberglass tape used for hull, which is sheathed with epoxy and Dynel cloth. The Okoume Marine Ply deck is framed in Spruce. All plywood and framing is sealed in epoxy, inside and out. The coaming is cedar with a rope lip. The rub rail is mahogany. Decks, coaming, and rub rail are varnished. Adjustable foot braces are installed in the cockpit, along with a cedar back brace and inflatable seat.

LOA - 18'2"
Beam - 25"
Approximate weight - 65 lbs.

Marco Polo Dinghy
This spring I was asked to finish out a fiberglass bare hull Marco Polo Dinghy for rowing and outboard use. This dinghy was designed by L. Francis Herreshoff as a tender for his famous Marco Polo cruiser. There is a very good description of the boat, along with the reasoning L.F. used in designing it, in his book "Sensible Cruising Designs". I think this is a very well thought out, very versatile and useful boat. i would be interested in building one, either as originally drawn using traditional construction, or converted to either glued-lap plywood or composite plywood construction.

16' LYS
Hull #5, completed in June 2003 for a commercial lobsterman out of Rockport, MA, who fishes about 300 traps from a 16' skiff ! This boat is built for commercial use, with 3/4" bottom and 5/8" sides, all Meranti Marine Plywood on clear fir framing. Other options chosen were side decks, fiberglass chopper gun exterior coating, oiled interior, oarlocks and rowing thwart, and a hauling bar. I had a natural crook locust knee that I used for the stern knee, and the hauling bar is from some scrap greenheart used in rebuilding part of the Wellfleet Pier a couple of years ago.

Annapolis Wherry
Dimensions: 17'9" LOA, 38" Beam, weight approximately 65 lbs. This boat was built from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit supplied by the owner. He will do the final finishing work. The kit went together pretty well, and it was interesting using a building technique ("LapStitch") different from my usual methods.

LYS - 20'
This Lumber Yard Skiff, recently completd for a customer in Buzzards Bay, is a 20' Sport Model, which includes the options of Meranti marine plywood, clear fir framing, and flotation. It also was constructed with side decks - a nice additional feature.

Transport 9.9
Designed By Tracy O'Brien as a light planing pram, the Transport 9.9 can be rowed or used with motors up to 5 HP. Positive foam flotation at the bow and stern is built in. Modern plywood/epoxy/fabric composite construction results in a light, strong, rugged little boat.
  • LOA - 9'10"
  • Beam - 4'4"
  • Deadrise at transom - 10Deg.
  • Hull weight -110 lbs
  • Max. recommended HP - 5
  • Capacity - 3 persons or 450 lbs.
  • Total capacity - Persons, Motor, Gear - 525 lbs.
  • Price - $3500.00

Wide Guide Launch
The first Wide Guide hull was finished for use in a Launch Service in Wellfleet Harbor. It was fitted out as shown in the pictures, with an offset console, side steering, side benches, a large cuddy forward for required Coast Guard equipment, soft rub rails, lots of fenders, and a Honda 10 HP high thrust motor with remote controls and electric start. Total weight of the boat, including motor, fuel, and all Coast Guard equipment , was 1140 lbs, weighed on the scale at the Wellfleet Transfer Station.

I ran the boat every day from June 22 to Sept 2 , 2002 . I received many compliments on the boat, both for looks and comfort. I had it out in all kinds of weather, including 20-25 knot winds. The boat always performed beyond expectations, even with limited power. The Honda motor was extremely reliable, and very quiet. The boat is very stable and comfortable to move around in. Initial stability is very good, secondary stability excellent. Being on the boat for many hours on some days, the vibration absorbing quality of wood was well appreciated. The boat will float in about 6" of water, and operate in about 18". I also took it fishing once or twice, and it handled the 3-footers in the rip at the end of Jeremy Point with ease, catching several schoolies drifting through the rip. The height of the sides and the self-bailing deck gave a very secure feeling of being in the boat, not on top of it. Outfitted for fishing, and equipped with a 40 or 50 HP motor, I believe the total operating weight would be about 1500 lbs or less. Speed in calm water would approach 30 Knots. With a 25 HP motor, it would do over 20 knots. I think this hull would perform exceedingly well at its designed task of fishing for Bass and Bluefish in the bays and shoals of Cape Cod, and the rest of New England.

20' LYSS
Built for Charles Caron of Connecticut. Options include side decks and foredeck,flotation, console, floorboards, Meranti Marine plywood, painted hull and side decks. The owner will finish the interior and rig the boat.

Wide Guide
This is an 18'shallow draft skiff with a v-bow transitioning to a flat bottom in the stern. This gives the boat a better ride in a chop, while also retaining shallow draft and minimum displacement, allowing the use of a smaller motor than a full v-bottom.The owner plans on using a 25 HP Yamaha. Construction is taped seam marine ply, so-called "stitch and glue".

LOA-17'10", Beam-7', Bow Height-3'9", Depth midship-2'3", Approx. Weight of bare hull-450 lbs.

Melonseed Skiff
Built from plans purchased from Mystic Seaport. LOA 13'10", Beam 4'8", Min Depth 1'1". Built on a mahogany keel plank, 1/4" Sapelli marine ply planking, laminated oak frames, mahogany transom, cedar stem, cockpit sole, and deck planking, canvas covered deck, oak rails and coaming, and locust outer keel.

Simmons Sea Skiff - Under Construction. Visit the construction page to see the boat going together.

12' Lobsterman's Skiff, designed by Howard "Dynamite" Payson. This is the 4th boat I have built for a summer camp in Vermont.

16' Lumber Yard Sport Skiff (LYSS) bare hull with flotation and optional side decks. Built for a customer in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Here's the finished 16' LYSS.

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