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I have been posting photos of the Swampscott Dory build on the Old Wharf Facebook> Page. This is where future Shop Log postings will go, also.

Merry Christmas !
And Happy New Year

The Swampscott continues...
Here are the frames ready to set up on the strongback.

Sorry, Barry
Barry Donahue, one of the best photographers on the Cape, let me use this photo to advertise the Wellfleet Rowing Rendezvous. I totally forgot to include photo credit for Barry, so am posting it here, The Photo is Barry Donahue. thanks for letting me use it.

Starting the Dory
Here I have cut out some frame pieces, and am setting them up on the frame jig.

I have been trying to post photos on Facebook, but can't do it for some reason. I will keep trying.


Building a 17' Swampscott Dory
My next project is building a 17' Swampscott Dory. The first photo is of the first Swampscott that I built, in 1978, for Dr. William Kite. This dory is being built for his son, Charles Kite, who has been rowing the dory for many years. Dr. Kite called me a few months ago to tell me that he still has the dory, and still rows it regularly. But the old boat was getting pretty tired, so he has asked me to build him a new one. He sent me a deposit, materials have been ordered, and work has started. So stay tuned for the construction of this classic Dory, the 6th one that I have built to these lines. I will also be posting on my Oldwharf Facebook page, the link is on the homepage.

New Entries
Hi everyone - Sorry for the lack of posts here. Most of my news and information is being posted on the Old Wharf Facebook page, here. So check that page for the latest news and photos.

All Done
Here the floor frame has been installed. The owner will finish up oiling, painting, etc.

Side frame
Here the side frame has been repaired.

All Gone...
Here the old frame has been removed, and the area faired with epoxy putty.

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