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Gloucester Gull
In July, I built a Gloucester Gull rowing dory for a beach club in Rhode Island. They wanted to use it for dory racing, so it had to be light, with no foot braces, and it had to have thole pins. I built it using all composite joints at the stem, chines, and transom. Materials were:
  • Sides, bottom, and transom - 1/4 " Okoume Marine plywood
  • Middle frame and thwart - Spanish cedar
  • Rub rails and skeg - White oak
  • Thole pins and pads - White oak
  • Exterior bottom - sheathed with 6 Oz. Fiberglass cloth and epoxy, painted
  • Interior- bottom coated with non-skid, rest oiled
  • Finished weight - 90 lbs.

Nahant Dory
I built a dory to to the lines of the Nahant Dory in John Gardner's "Dory Book". The Nahant Dory was used by the U.S. Navy about 100 years ago. Although similar to the previous Swampscott Dory, the lines are different. The boat has a more rounded bilge than the Swampscott, the stem and transom are more perpendicular, and the beam is a little aft of center. These lines produce a boat that has a longer waterline than the Swampscott, and a less symmetrical plan viewed from above. The boat was also built using pretty much traditional construction, as detailed below. The owner took the boat to his house in Nova Scotia, and reports that it is a joy to row, both singe and double. It is set up for sailing, but he has not sailed it yet.

Materials used:
  • Stem, sawed frames, all knees- natural hackmatack crooks, from Newman Gee,
  • Planking, C/B case - white cedar, scarfed, no butt blocks
  • Transom, false bottom,bent frames, rub rails - white oak
  • Thwarts and risers - white pine
  • Centerboard - marine plywood, epoxy coated
  • Laps riveted with copper rivets, all other fastenings bronze
  • All joints bedded with Sikaflex 291, false bottom bedded with tar
  • Exterior painted dark green, interior and rails cream, Kirby paint

Swampscott Dory
In the first part of 2005, I built a 17' Swampscott dory for a family from north of Boston.The requirements were that the boat be light, capable of carrying 2 people and a large dog, and be suitable for fishing, beach camping and general rowing. The lines of the boat are from Mystic Seaport. I have built 4 boats to these lines, this is the fifth one and they are all somewhat different. Materials used are as follows:
  • Bottom and Garboard (first side plank) -Sapele marine plywood, 3/4"
  • on bottom, 3/8" garboards, composite joints, epoxy and xynole cloth
  • sheathed on the outside. No bottom framing.
  • top planks - Okoume marine ply, 3/8", epoxy coated outside, glued lap
  • stem-locust
  • transom-3/4" Sapele marine ply, varnished
  • framing and seats - Spanish Cedar, removable thwarts
  • rails- Ipe'
  • outside of boat painted
  • inside - oiled
  • inside bottom - non skid
  • oarlocks and sockets-bronze, 3 rowing positions, 2 pair oarlocks
  • oars - 1 pair , spruce, 8'6" varnished and leathered, from Shaw & Tenney
  • Options and extras-
  • bottom paint
  • extra pair of oars-as above
  • anchor and rode
  • Bow line
  • cover
  • rod holders: one movable trolling rod holder with 3 positions, and 2
  • fly rod holders
Hello Walter,
I finally had a chance to take the boat out for a reasonable length row in good weather on Tuesday and I just wanted to say that the boat is great! It really meets our needs perfectly. It is very comfortable with the three of us and I actually find it pretty easy to row with just myself and the dog (even he seems to enjoy the ride). Particularly when the wind dies down, rowing the boat is nearly effortless.

Thanks again for doing such a good job and like I said, we found the whole process very enjoyable.

John Hybl

Chesapeake Light Craft SailRig
In the fall of 2004, I built a kayak sailing rig from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit. The client had seen the original sailing rig in Wooden Boat magazine several years ago. We decided to go with the kit to save some time, and it went together quite well. There are quite a few bits and pieces to the rig, but they all are necessary to make it go. It will take some time to learn the rig and get good performance from it, as I found out during sea trials on Gull pond in Wellfleet, but it does sail pretty well. Be sure to wear a spray skirt!

Wide Guide Conversion
To convert the launch into a sport fishing boat, I first removed the lettering, soft rub rails , bench seats , deck hardware and console. I faired the interior, grinding off the bench mounts and remains of the console. Then I rebuilt the console, including a gas tank box/seat on the front and installed it in a central position. I removed the finish on the side decks and made repairs as needed, and removed the varnish on the transom. I installed and oiled the original white oak rub rails. After all the woodworking and sanding was done, I repainted the interior and the topsides, oiled the side decks, and varnished the transom. I installed the deck hardware, 14 gallon gas tank, and a new Teleflex steering system. I replaced the 10 HP Honda motor with a new 50 HP Evinrude E-Tec outboard motor, including remote controls, tach, and hour meter. Total weight of the finished boat, including motor, about a half tank of gas, and normal boating gear, was 1320 lbs. I launched the boat on 8/26/04. Top speed by GPS is 30.7 MPH, at 5500 rpm, smooth water, one person aboard. It cruises on plane at 4200 rpm, at 20-22 mph.

See more photos on the Wide Guide page.

20' Simmons Sea Skiff
This beautiful SSS was built in the spring of 2004 to the following specifications:
  • Composite Bottom - 3/8" Sapele Marine Ply, Lloyd's spec., 10 oz. F/G cloth, MAS epoxy, 17 oz. non-woven 6" F/G tape on both sides of all joints
  • Locust stem
  • Topsides - 3/8" Lloyd's spec. Okoume ply, glued lap, epoxy coated both sides, painted
  • Framing - South American mahogany, epoxy coated, painted
  • Deck- 3/8" Lloyd's spec. Okoume ply, 10 oz. F/g cloth and epoxy sheathed, painted non-skid
  • Cockpit sole - 1/2" Okoume marine ply, 10 oz. F/g cloth and epoxy sheathed, painted non-skid
  • Transom and well - 3/4" Sapele Marine Ply, Lloyd's spec., epoxied, exterior varnished
  • Cockpit furniture - dash, coamings, seat boxes, folding benches, stern seats - all S.A. mahogany, ABI bronze hinges and hardware, varnish
  • Foredeck hatch - ABI bronze hardware
  • Custom windshield - teak framing, 1/4" laminated safety glass - varnish
  • Rub rails and toe rails - teak
  • Deck hardware - 1-10" cleat, 4-8" cleats, bow & stern chocks, flag pole socket, all ABI bronze
  • Teleflex steering, Stainless Steel wheel
  • All varnish work done by owner
  • Electronics, gauges, motor, and controls to be installed by owner

See more photos on the Simmons Sea Skiff page.

16' LYSS
Built in the fall of 2003, this is the 6th 16' LYS that I have built. It is a tiller steering boat with the following options : Flotation, Side Decks, storage seat for'd, 2 thwarts, one removeable, floorboards, Hardware package (cleats and rod holders), Epoxy and fabric sheathing outside, painted exterior, oiled interior. I delivered this boat to her owner on Tybee Island, GA, driving south through an unexpected snowstorm in Virginia. Quite an adventure.

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