Sailing and row/sail craft will be posted this page. Call or email if you want to discuss building one of these fine boats . The above image is of the 17' Swampscott dory, sailing version. This one was built for Mait Edey, before I built the 35' Phil Bolger designed dory/sharpie Dakini. Mait and his crew are reefed on a blustery day.

Here's a boat to think about if you want a comfortable, seaworthy boat- the San Francisco Pelican. The Pelican is a combination dory/scow, available in at least 3 sizes - 12'Pelican, 14'7''Pacific Pelican, and 16' Great Pelican. There is also a rumor of an 18' version. I built a 12' Pelican in 1990, it's a very heavy duty little boat. Google "San Francisco Pelican" and you will see a lot of info . Sorry I don't have a photo.

I think the 16' would be a great boat for camp cruising, not good to row, but lots of room!

Here's a very good sail/row combination, a little bit bigger than my original Swampscott Dory - the Deblois St. Dory, by Clint Chase. specifications are :

LOA 18'8"
Bottom length 13'6"

Beam 4'10"

Depth Amidships 18 3/8"

Hull weight 180-225 lbs (can be built ply or solid)

More info is available on Clint's web site.