Power Boats

Fo more information on any of these boats, or to discuss construction of a boat custom built for you, please call me at 508-349-2383 or email me.

Lumberyard Skiff

Nauset Marsh Skiff

The Nauset Marsh Skiff

A New England Flats and Inshore Fishing Skiff

    Designed and built to fish the shoal waters of Nauset Marsh on Cape Cod, the NMS is a custom built boat finished to your specifications. Options range from an open skiff with a tiller steered outboard to a fully custom shallow water fishing machine including console with remote controls and steering, casting decks and built in rod storage, custom colors of paint, and more. You could even add a tunnel at the stern for extreme shallow water operation. Built using the highest quality materials and fittings, this light weight skiff will take you where the fish are.

Some specifications : LOA- 16’                                                                             

                                         Beam- 5'6"


                                           Weight- boat only - 450 lbs., boat             and motor- 690 lbs., 

                                          Boat, motor, trailer - 960 lbs.

Materials - bottom- 1/2” fir marine ply, sides- 3/8” Okoume Marine  ply, casting decks- 1/2” Okoume Marine ply, framing - Sapele, side decks- Northern White Cedar, rub rails- White Oak, transom- 3/8”Sapele Marine ply skins cored with cedar. Exterior sheathed with MAS epoxy and 6 oz. fiberglass cloth, interior sealed with MAS epoxy. Paint Epifanes2-part urethane, Rapid Clear on side decks, Clear Varnish on transom. Sea Dek non skid panels on casting decks. Accon stainless steel folding cleats.


A comment from the owner-

"As a forester, I work with land owners to help them grow healthy stands of timber on their woodlots, so I have an inherent appreciation for the beauty of wood on the stump, as well as for its pleasing aesthetics and function as a building material.  I am also an avid salt water fly fisherman, so the idea of a small skiff made of wood has been a long-time dream of mine.  Since I do most of my fishing on Cape Cod, my search for a boat builder led me to Walter Baron of Old Wharf Dory Co. in Wellfleet.  I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of the work on his web site, and eventually got together with Walter to discuss a design for my dream skiff.  The process was educational, enjoyable, and, I might add, very exciting for me!  Finally, in2014, construction began in the shop in Wellfleet, and has produced a craft that is beautiful, dry, comfortable, and has exceeded all my expectations!  The boat turns heads, and generates compliments and questions wherever I go, and I am only too happy to tell the story of my boat, and to credit the skill and craftsmanship of its builder.  Thanks Walter!"

LYS standsfor Lumber Yard Skiff. These rugged flat bottom work skiffs were originally designed to be built using materials readily found in most lumber yards- underlayment plywood and spruce framing. Construction style was also kept simple, resulting in a strong, inexpensive hullsuitable for commercial use. Inspired by the simple construction and design of the legendary Brockway skiffs, known on the coast from Cape Cod to Connecticut, these boats are next-generation work skiffs. By using a slightly higher grade of materials I am able to offer these skiffs at a very reasonable price, along with a stiffer overall structure. I now use Meranti marine ply and clear fir framing combined with stainless steel deck screws and Sikaflex marine adhesive to produce a solid boat that should last for many years .

I designed these boats using plywood models built to scale. Then I traced the sides and built side panels using these shapes. I also got the bevels for the stem and the transom from the models. I built these next, and assembled them upside down. Insertion of a spreader at the point of maximum beam gave me the shape of the hull. Then chines and bottom were added, the boat turned over, and finished out with frames, knees and rails. Two shoes are also installed.

These hulls can be used almost as is, with only paint on the exterior and oiled interior, or they can serve as the base for a custom work or sport fishing skiff. 

    I have developed a slightly modified version of the Lumber Yard Skiff, Which I callthe Lumber Yard Sport Skiff, or LYSS.  Presently available in a 16’ version, the main difference is that I made the transom narrower by 2” at the top and 4” at the bottom. Beam and side panel shape is the same as the 16’ LYS. The result of this modification is a higher bow, and a little more rocker and sheer, and a sportier looking boat.

Specifications: Since most of the recent boats built have been done using Meranti Marine plywood and clear fir framing, I am changing spec’s and pricing to reflect this. These spec's are for bare hulls.

 Sides- 3/4” Meranti Marine    plywood on 20’, 1/2” on 16’

                Bottom- 3/4”Meranti Marine plywood

                Transom- Double 3/4”Meranti Marine plywood

                 Rails- White oak or Meranti   

                 Stem and transom framing- 4”x4” fir

                 Side frames 2”x8”clear fir, Chines clear fir

                 Knees and breast hook- 3/4” Meranti Marine plywood

                 Fastenings- Stainless steel screws- all joints bedded in   Sikaflex 291

                                    16’ LYS    20’ LYS

                Length:    15’6”        19’9”

                Beam:        6’6”        7’6”

                Depth:       1’10”        2’4”

               Weight:     500lbs     750lbs   These are approximate bare hull weights.

              Capacity info - 16' approx. 1,000 pounds, 20' approx. 2,000 pound


        16’ LYS& LYSS - Remote steering - 30 HP, Tiller steering - 30 HP

        20’ LYS - Remote steering - 70 HP, Tiller steering - 55 HP

Please email me for current prices and options. Some available options are : side decks with coaming, foredeck with locker under, bench seats , console, floorboards, rod holders, etc.

Another great boat that hits that sweet 18’ spot is “Marissa”, designed by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Design.

LOA- 18’, beam 6’10”, draft 8”, 12º deadrise at transom, power 25-60 HP, weight including motor, fuel and some gear, approximately 1100lbs.

This boat won the WoodenBoat contest for small power boats in issue 211, Nov./Dec. 2009. It can be powered by a 25 HP motor, with a top speed of about 21 knots. Great fishing boat, with a moderate V-bottom that will perform in 2’-3’ chop. Check it out .